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Social Media Marketing Services

Molly Moodle Media is a social media marketing agency that helps businesses bring their brands to life online with
organic social media management.

We do this by promoting brands with fun and eye-catching campaigns that not only grab attention but grow your following, put you in front of your target customer and encourages leads.

We also collaborate with people in the creative industries to make eye-catching content that helps
you stand out from your competition.

Whilst all of your amazing content is being shared on your timeline, our marketing team will be working hard behind the scenes.
This involves talking to your target customers on a daily basis, implementing your sales funnel, growing your social media following, building relationships with people in your community and industry, and encouraging leads through your social media accounts.


Hi! I'm Molly 'Moodle' Wright and I'm the Founder of Molly Moodle Media.

My skill set at Molly Moodle Media includes working with clients to set up their strategic marketing campaigns, managing live campaigns and reporting the detailed data to the client (and the day to day runnings of the agency!).

My passion for marketing started when I studied Film and Media at school and even landed an amazing opportunity to work with a film festival as their social media manager during that time. (My job was to build the festival’s brand presence online and encourage attendees to the events, which we achieved!).

Whilst studying Film, Radio and Television with Media and Cultural Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, I learned the fundamentals of marketing and met my first employer during a lecture who then welcomed me to work at his social media marketing agency in London.

After an amazing time working at the agency, working on accounts such as TGI Friday’s, Betway, E! Online UK and Universal, I used my new industry-knowledge to start up my own marketing agency to help business owners thrive on social media.

Fast forward to nearly 6 years later, and we are a team of 3 in our office (and a large network of amazing collaborators) who have helped our clients stand out online and generate leads through their social media channels.

I am also a guest lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University, a public speaker at events such as Social Day UK, Digital Women and South East Creative and awarded ‘Young Digital Women to Watch 2020’.

Molly Wright of Molly Moodle Media speaking at South East Creative Event
Molly Wright on the Panel at Social Day UK
Molly 'Moodle' Wright working Cene Magazine

Fun Fact

You might see a slight resemblance between Molly and Georgie, that's because they're sisters!

Georgie joined Molly Moodle Media as a social media manager in 2018.

Although Georgie studied media at school, she pursued a career in health. Her first job was a care assistant at an independent living facility for the elderly, then a maternity assistant. 

Through this career, Georgie has brought to Molly Moodle Media a strong work ethic and a very honest approach to marketing. Her charm comes through with all of her natural copywriting and engagement skills, and we have seen a sharp increase with our client's analytics since she has joined Molly Moodle Media.

Molly Moodle Media are also very fortunate to work and collaborate with talented freelancers.