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Bringing Your Brand to Life on Social Media

Do you need a specialist team working on your social media accounts to achieve your marketing goals?

We provide a wide range of professional marketing services
that can be chosen by you to bring your brand to life online or advance your existing social media presence.

Build Your Own Marketing Package by picking the services you require and our team will get to work so you can focus on other areas of your business whilst we achieve your marketing goals with a budget that works for you.

"MMM has provided clear and excellent analytics to back up our investment in social media and along with our own data confirm a significant return on investment" - Roland Stanley


What I Want from Social Media Management...

"Molly 'bounced' into my life with a smiling face to help me get to grips with new ways of working. Always happy and helpful but professional to the core". - Sue Davies Flowers


Build Your Own Social Media Package

    Engagement Sessions are the process we undertake to build relationships with your target customers, and businesses/people in your industry and community, grow your followers, direct message your target customers, and maintain conversations.
    Account Management is the process of ensuring all notifications, messages and enquiries are responded to on each account and optimising each social media platform, especially when the latest social media software changes have come into effect.
    A social media marketing campaign is the management and execution of a marketing plan, created with specific goals and targets in place to achieve trackable results for a business, brand or organisation. We manage social media campaigns by discovering your marketing goals, setting up your Google goals and tags, implementing your marketing strategy with effective content and tracking your results.
    Includes Inboxing/Direct Messaging Target Customers and Responding to Enquiries.
    Professional Photography, Videography and Graphic Design Services available. Set-Up and Arrangements made by Molly Moodle Media
    Analytical Reports are a great way to track and review the online activity from your social media management on a monthly basis. The report details information such as your target customers, growth on the pages, your Best Performing Posts and online activity from your social media accounts to your website.